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Colombia - Narino - Light Roast

LE 305.00
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Colombia - Narino - Light Roast



    Flavor: Sweet - Citrus and fruit notes
    Aroma: Red berries - Citrus - Chocolate
    Acidity: Medium - Citrus
    Body: Medium - Creamy
    Residual flavor: Caramel - Chocolate
    Sweetness: Honey - Sugar Cane
    Roasting Date : 14 Sep 2022

    Weight: 250 grams



    -Filtered Coffee.


    The epitome of natural sweetness and balance. The daily go-to for many of Colombia’s championship baristas!

    Note : Coffee is packed in a black Gourmet sealed bag.


    Amor Perfecto’s flagship Single Origin coffee comes from one of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world, the State of Nariño. The most southern coffee-growing state of Colombia, Nariño is the 9th largest, among the 22 coffee growing states of Colombia.


    Most of the coffee farms in Nariño are smaller than 1 hectare, similar to the vineyards of Burgundy, this makes each coffee grower take special care of their coffee plants and their post-harvest coffee processes. This is one of the highest altitude coffee growing regions in the world, bordering the Equator, where naturally occurring differences between day and night temperatures allow for a concentration of the sugars in the coffee cherries. Along with its volcanic soil, Nariño is simply an ideal part of the world for growing great arabica coffees.


    Our coffee beans come principally from the Union District of Nariño, located between the volcanos of Cumbal and Azufral. We at Amor Perfecto, have been working together with these farmers for more than 15 years! and with the special support of Racafe, they have reached our highest standards. You can taste the excellence of coffee every day in our Nariño Single Origin.


    What more can we say about a coffee that is always sweet and is incomparable with any of the brewing methods, yet is equally ideal for an espresso, a Flat white, or any other milk-based coffee drink. It’s up to your creativity, but this coffee always delivers!