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Guatemala - Finca El Tambor

LE 375.00

Guatemala - Finca El Tambor

Farm: Finca El Tambor
Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon
Processing: Full washed & sun dried on patios
Altitude: 1,676 to 1,860 metres above sea level
Owner: Victor Calderon Town: El Durazno
Region: Palencia
Total size of farm: 150 hectares Area under coffee: Approx. 75 hectares
Prizes: #7 Guatemala Cup of Excellence, 2010; #17 Guatemala Cup of Excellence, 2015; #25 Guatemala Cup of Excellence, 2017

Grade: 85+

Recommendation: Filter Coffee and Espresso.

Weight: 250 g

Roasting Date: 26 November 2022