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1Zpresso - K-Max Coffee Grinder

LE 5,550.00
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1Zpresso - K-Max Coffee Grinder

1Zpresso K-Max manual coffee grinder - Suitable for Pour-over and espresso with Stainless Steel 48mm burr and finer adjustment dial design. The K-Max is a combination of K-Pro and K-Plus with a slimmer magnetic catch cup without blind shaker set. 

Equipped with 9 numbers and 90 clicks for grind precision. Each click shifts the grind size by 22 microns. The K-Max is equipped with a top adjustment dial for accessible and simple grind adjustment.

Specialized "K-Burr"
The goal of the K Burr is to give you a hand grinder that is efficient and enjoyable to use - getting a great grind should not be a hassle. Start with medium-coarse grind for pour-overs, the K Series is a grinder built on consistency and excellent performance, and fine grind precision for espresso. 

K-Max Grinder comes with Magnetic Catch Cup:
Using the open catch cup fiting/cap, removal of the cup is easy and quick by rotating in any direction. This allow for easier removal than twist tread cup.

Comfortable grip and easy to grind and good weight.

- Curved handle lever and ball knob for ease of handle.

- 9 numbers on the dial, and 90 clicks

- Quick-Disassembly Design

- Heptagonal 48mm stainless steal conical "K" burr,  It has internal fixing between burr and central shaft which mean no burr wobble for better grind consistency.

Product specification:
Weight: ~700g (1.56lb)
Dimension: 19.3 x 14 x 6.2 cm
Ground Capacity: 35-40 - depending on bean type
Material: Wood, polycarbonate, silicone, stainless steel, aluminum alloy