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Brazil - Eagle Monte Carmelo

LE 215.00
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Brazil - Eagle Monte Carmelo

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Molasses, & Caramel

Process: Natural

Weight : 250g

Roast Date : 8 Dec 2022


The Eagle Monte Carmelo is proprietary coffee from top coffee lots produced in the Cerrado region of Minas Gerais. The region of Cerrado is located in the central west part of Minas Gerais State and is home to some of the modern & technologically advance coffees in the world.

Story of the region
The coffee began to be cultivated in the region in the 1970s by farmers from Parana who wanted to escape from the risk of frost and by farmers from Sao Paulo who were facing problems with the nematode. At the time there was no technology that would allow planting in the region. Through a technique that corrects soil acidity (liming) and irrigation, large-scale cultivation has become possible.

Coffee growers also invested in quality and were pioneers in the production of specialty coffee, with guaranteed origin and quality. The Cerrado Mineiro presents a dry climate during the harvest period, which causes the coffee to suffer less with the humidity after harvesting. The region, which covers 55 municipalities located in the Triangulo, Alto Paranaiba, and Northwest of Minas, conquered

Denomination of Origin in 2013 and was the first coffee in the country to receive this recognition.