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BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee Filter

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee Filter

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee Filter

Overview :

- Efficient water optimisation for the preparation of coffee and espresso
- Standardised water for coffee, can be reproduced worldwide
- Universal solution for every typical raw water and high water requirement
- The coffee machine is safely protected against deposits such as limescale and gypsum
- Perfect interaction of reverse osmosis and BWT magnesium technology for remineralisation
- Resource-​saving plug-​and-play technology – unpack, connect and get started
- The system can be easily controlled via the smartphone app

Product details:

BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee (Reverse Osmosis Compact) is an exceptionally compact reverse osmosis system with integrated BWT magnesium technology for mineralisation, making it ideal for producing coffee and all hot drinks. All filter cartridges used here can be replaced extremely easily, quickly and safely without the need for tools. BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee systems are robust and have a long service life. They are extremely reliable and require little maintenance.

Two BWT key technologies are used in the BWT bestaqua ROC Coffee systems: innovative membrane technology in the BWT BESTAQUA MEMBRANE module and the patented BWT magnesium technology in the BWT bestaqua PREMIUM filter, which adds magnesium to the water as a flavour carrier. Users worldwide therefore benefit from the excellent limescale protection in this reverse osmosis system, which ensures reproducible results worldwide in optimising water and provides splendid sensory experiences for those who enjoy their coffee creations.

Technical advantages of BWT bestmax PREMIUM at a glance:

- High permeate capacity of 120 l/h
- High salt retaining rate of > 97%
- High permeate yield of up to 50%
- Freely selectable mineral content in the permeate with a simple bypass setting
- Ideal mineral composition for hot drinks due to BWT magnesium technology
- Very compact and service-​friendly
- Simple filter replacement without using tools

Technical details


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