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Colombia - Samuel Bermudez

LE 720.00

Colombia - Samuel Bermudez

Score 90.5
Sweet, wild strawberries. Like nothing, you’ve ever had before!


    Flavor: Strawberry - Peach - Red Fruits
    Aroma and fragrance: Strawberry - Red Berries Jam
    Acidity: Bright
    Body: Silky
    Residual Flavor: Sweet Fruity
    Sweetness:  Sugar Cane
    Roasting Date : 23 Aug 2022



    Coffee with predominant notes of ripe strawberry, spicy fragrance, long residual, and sweetness of white chocolate.


    Origin: Cauca, Colombia

    Finca: El Paraiso

    Altitude: 1930 m

    Fermentation: 48hr in cheery - 96 depulped

    Method: Washed


    Samuel Bermudez’s story is an incomparable example of a dedicated and modern coffee grower. As a manager of agriculture companies and a coffee farmer, he has developed harvesting and post-harvesting processes based on microorganisms native to the farm and incorporated different timings and procedures of fermentation that allow the development of very unique profiles in his coffees.


    Working alongside his brothers and other members of the family, they have consolidated 5 farms, with El Paraiso being the principal one amongst them. Located in the Piendamo Municipality of the State of Cauca and bordering Nariño State, Cauca is the fourth largest coffee producer of Colombia with 93,627 hectares of coffee plants amongst 114,493 coffee farms, which averages less than one hectare per farm.


    Samuel’s coffee is a very special presentation of a Castillo variety coffee that offers an extraordinary profile with a richness of red berries and natural sugar cane that allows it to outshine even the rarest and most expensive varieties.


    Once you taste this coffee, you will understand what a truly fresh coffee can taste like and change the way you think about coffee. Unique flavors and aromas. We have carried out tastings of this coffee around the world and people are pleading with us to send them more. This coffee certainly has a wow factor.