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Costa Rica - Los Coyotes

LE 325.00
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Costa Rica - Los Coyotes

Notes: Strawberry, Floral, & Round

Region: Villa Sarchi

Process: Natural

Flavor Scale: Daring!

Weight : 250g

Roast Date : 7 Jan 2022


All 12 of the Aguilera siblings are involved in the coffee business, taking after their parents. As a team, they manage the milling, planting, pruning, fertilizations, and processing themselves and hire seasonal labor for harvest. The majority of the coffee the Aguilera family grows is Villa Sarchi and Villa Lobos, two varieties unique to the Naranjo area of Costa Rica. Villa Sarchi is a mutation of the Bourbon variety that was first found on a nearby farm in Naranjo. The trees are compact and usually have less space between the nodes of cherries along the branches, meaning higher yields per tree, but still maintaining excellent cup quality. Villa Sarchi and Villa Lobos coffees present notes of passionfruit with intense acidity and pleasant floral aromas. The Aguileras understand both farm techniques and sensory quality, making them ideal partners for specialty production.