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El Salvador - El Carmen

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El Salvador - El Carmen

This crop is also from El Salvador from a different region at an altitude of 1300-1400 meters above sea level in the beautifully scenic Abanica Elamabetic mountain range, El Carmen Province is one of the main regions for the production of specialty coffee in Central America where it’s farms are run by the ancient Antonio Alfaro family. About a hundred years ago, coffee has been cultivated for four successive generations. To this day, 60% of the coffee cherry trees there grow slowly under the shade and age less quickly, which helps the coffee cherries ripen evenly which contributes to the condensation of natural sugars and enhances the coffee aroma. 

Processing: Natural.

Notes: Tropical fruits, nuts, chocolate. 

Variety: Bourbon, Buckas, and Catura

Weight: 250 g

Roasting Date: 21 Dec 2022