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Espresso Tamper 51mm

LE 370.00
Out Of Stock

Espresso Tamper 51mm

Features :

  • With this Professional Grade Tamper, there is No Time For Bad Coffee: With a 1.12 lb heft, unibody design and ‘tech-inspired’ unboxing experience with portafilter keychain
  • 51mm Diameter: Check the portafilter on your at-home machine right now. If it’s 51mm, and you need a solid, one-piece tool just like baristas use, then your espresso tamp search is over
  • Rust Free Coffee: Made from solid food grade stainless steel in a single unibody design, your espresso tamper will never rust or shed bits of silver coating into your brew. That also makes it 100% dishwasher safe. Coffee is sacred so don’t ruin it with iron, aluminum or chrome coffee tampers.
  • Get Ready For Better Espresso Crema.