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HOLZKLOTZ Drip Server - Smoky

LE 1,500.00
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HOLZKLOTZ Drip Server - Smoky 500ml

This line of HOLZKLOTZ drip server comes with a simple line, 1~2cups capacity is displayed in 50ml increments from 100ml to 500ml, and 3~4cups capacity is 100ml to 600ml in 50ml increments.

It is a glass server that can be used for various purposes other than dripping, making Dutch coffee or making iced tea or lemonade. Direct fire is not possible with heat-resistant glass, and hot water can be poured directly into it or it can be used in a microwave oven.

The server is good that:
   -  Elegant shape for serving and heating coffee.
    - Suitable for drip tools.
    - Heat resistant glass.
    - Equipped with gram markings.

    Capacity: 500ml.
    Colour: dark grey.