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Melodrip Pour Over Coffe Tool

LE 1,500.00
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Melodrip Pour Over Coffe Tool

What Is Melodrip?

Brewing with melodrip delivers consistently extracted cups of pour over coffee with amazing flavor clarity.

How does it work?

Typical kettle pours cause turbulence that create malformations in the coffee slurry as water passes through the coffee grounds.

Pouring with melodrip ensures that all the water you pour is always traveling through a stable and symmetrical slurry for an extraction.

This allows your pours and recipes to be repeatable and your coffee to be consistently delicious.

You'll experience a silky body, heightened sweetness, and a brew with unparalleled flavor clarity.


Extreme Flavor Clarity

Traditional kettle pours churn up micro-particles that clog and flow through filter paper. Melodrip's zero agitation shower eliminates this phenomena for an unbelievably clean and sweet pour over brew.

Extract More With Every Pour

The melodrip saturates gently without causing slurry deformation during your pour, so water can percolate and drain evenly through the slurry before and after your pour. (For example, pouring 100ml of water takes roughly 30sec. with a bare kettle. During this period, water is percolating/draining through a malformed slurry. This can be mitigated with less agitation or simply using a melodrip).


Consistency In and Out

Pouring too fast or too slow? Melodrip evens-out the spikes in your pour so flow rates are consistent going in and dripping out.


What's Included?



Compatible With:
Cafec Flower Dripper, Hario V60 01 / 02, Kalita Wave 155 / 185, Chemex, Aeropress, Most Conical and Flat Bottom Pour Over Coffee Drippers.