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Motta Distributor 58.5mm

LE 3,500.00
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Motta Distributor 58.5mm

To really perfect your espresso extractions, you need a properly distributed and tamped coffee puck. The good tamping technique can help with the latter, but distribution is a bigger challenge, as coffee grounds can come out of most espresso grinders in clumps. Because of this, there is an increasing focus on distribution in specialty cafes, and you may see many of the best baristas using a coffee distributor before tamping.

This coffee levelling distribution tool is manufactured by Metallurgica Motta, one of the most trusted names in espresso accessories. It has three sloped fins and an adjustable height, allowing you to ensure that the coffee in your filter basket is perfectly distributed before tamping. If you want to improve your espresso extractions, we'd highly recommend investing in one of these Motta distributors!



  • Available in 58.5mm 
  • Weight: ~0.5kg
  • 3 angled fins for distribution
  • Helps ensure even distribution in coffee puck before tamping
  • Adjustable height
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Manufactured in Italy