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SSP Multi-Purpose (Unimodal) 64mm Flat Burrs

LE 5,400.00
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SSP Multi-Purpose Grinding Burrs target for pour over brews and espresso

This is the burr set with geometry intended for unimodal grind to draw the best out of lighter roasts and to highlight the flavor characteristics that are treasured in modern espresso. In October 2020, SSP has made a slight modification to make it more forgiving and adaptable for espresso usage. The Unimodal-espresso burrs work well both for filter brews and light roast espresso.

SSP Unimodal burrs tend to excel in highlighting flavor clarity in lighter roast coffees. They can also work for darker roasts but we think their potential is best used for the lighter roasts. If you are someone who don’t mind experimenting and are chasing the delicate flavors in high-quality light roasted coffees, we recommend trying Turbo shots with this unimodal burrs. The high extraction of SSP Unimodal burrs tend to play well with higher-acid coffee (ie light roasts), making the acidity enjoyable even if you’re not an acidic-coffee lover.


- Last a Lifetime

SSP’s 64 mm flat burrs were made to last a lifetime. Comprised of tool steel material coated with Red Speed Titanium Aluminum Carbon Nitride (TiAICN), you can expect these burrs to last through over 10,000 pounds of coffee before needing a new pair.

- Crisp & Clear Extractions

SSP 64mm Unimodal Red Speed burr set increases grind speed of most compatible grinders. The burr set features burr geometry specifically developed to minimize fines at medium to coarse grind sizes, maximizing clarity in pour overs and immersion brews.

Compatible With

Fellow Ode


Option-O Lagom P64

Mazzer Super Jolly and Mini-E

Anfim Caimano and CODY II

Ceado E5P, E6P, and E37J