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Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner

LE 2,100.00
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Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner

  •  Breaks down milk protein and fat buildup on auto frothers, steam wands and frothing pitchers.
  •  Comes in a dual-chamber 1 liter bottle that contains a built-in measuring device.
  •  Dilute at a ratio of 30 mL of Rinza per 500 mL of water.


  • For Use on Auto Frothers

    Step 1: Mix solution of 30 ml Rinza per 500 ml water.

    Step 2: Insert suction tube into solution.

    Step 3: Run entire solution through frother.

    Step 4: Repeat above with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all components.


    For Use on Steam Wands and Milk Pitchers

    Step 1: Soak pitcher or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in 30 ml Rinza per 500 ml warm water.

    Step 2: Rinse all components with clean water.