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Difluid R2 Extract Refractometer

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Difluid R2 Extract Refractometer

Experience unparalleled precision with Difluid's latest refractometer, featuring an impressive ±0.02% accuracy that outperforms all other models in the market. Difluid R2 boasts a color display that offers multiple data display options, allowing for a wider range of testing capabilities.

Unlike the R1 version, R2 features an aluminum sample dish that ensures 675% better temperature conductivity, resulting in stable measurements and accurate results every time. Additionally, its IP67 water-resistant design means it can withstand even the harshest of testing environments.

Difluid R2 features advanced temperature compensation via a unique microcalibration layer, ensuring that your measurements are always precise and consistent, even when conditions change. With its unparalleled accuracy and advanced features, the Difluid TDS meter is the ultimate tool for coffee experts, chemists, and anyone who requires precise TDS measurements.