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Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

LE 850.00

Digital Coffee Scale with Timer

 Features :

  • - The scale color is black, it works with the battery, the battery is added in the box, the size of the battery is small, 2 x AAA, size: 195 * 130 * 30 mm, Display screen: LCD
  • - Unique Standby Time: This scale allows you to easily record 0.1 g, start and stop measurements while you gradually add ingredients. It also features a tear function in order to measure items in a container without the container affecting the accuracy. Simply place the container on the scale and set it to 0. Then you can add to the ingredients with out its weight being included in the reading.
  • -EASY-TO-READ DISPLAY: The LED-backlit display allows for easy reading of your measurements at a glance and also shows an overload warning and low battery indication. Accuracy 0.1g in your uses. Auto-off design to less waste power.