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Eureka Drogheria MCD4 75 Retail Grinder

Eureka Drogheria MCD4 75 Retail Grinder

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Eureka Drogheria MCD4 75 Retail Grinder


Grinding for to-go customers was never this easy. The Eureka Drogheria MCD4 Bulk Grinder is designed specifically for large batches of beans at a time—without sacrificing the grind quality Eureka has become known for. The MCD4 is built for extended service life from the ground-up with a 750W motor meant for volume, 85mm flat burrs, and an outsized grind chute with bag clip for easy cleaning. Further, the MCD4 features Eureka's unique 'Easy Setting' grind adjust system. This stepless setup adjusts from French press-coarse to Turkish-fine in one full revolution of the grind knob. Easy-to-read markings around the grind adjust dial make it easy for a customer to select their brew method and grind on their own.


  • 75mm Burrs: Large flat burrs excel at bulk grinding for most brew methods, and offer easy-access upgrades to titanium or Red Speed aftermarket burrsets.
  • Easy Setting: The stepless grind adjust dial can be set from French Press to Turkish in one revolution.
  • Big Motor: A large-format motor offers excellent service life and high speed grinding.
  • Bag Clip: A large grind chute and integrated bag clip make bulk grinding extra convenient.
  • Commercial Footprint: The MCD4's narrow footprint makes it easy to squeeze into crowded countertops.
  • No Frills: There's something magical about a purely utilitarian grinder. Everything from the power switch to the grind chute are excessively sturdy.
  • Easy Dial: The limited grind adjust range was a little strange at first, but its short travel made it easy to recalibrate from espresso- to drip-grinding quickly.
  • Narrow: The narrow base of the MCD4 makes it more manageable to set up than other bulk grinders—and gives the grinder a towering presence.


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