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Cafelat Group Head Cleaning Brush 58mm

Cafelat Group Head Cleaning Brush 58mm

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Cafelat Group Head Cleaning Brush 58mm

Fits almost all commercial coffee machines
If you have a 58mm tamper then this will fit your coffee machine


Keeping your group clean and free from spent coffee grounds ensures uncontaminated coffee.
The brush fits most standard commercial espresso machines and "locks" into the group just like a portafilter.

The patented cleaning brush is designed to clean your espresso machine grouphead, in particular those hard-to-reach areas around the sealing gasket.
Each brush box set comes with an extra pair of natural fibre brushes.

  1. Fill container with coffee cleaner such as puly caff and warm water to dissolve powder  or tablet
  2. Dip the brush into the coffee cleaning solution.
  3. Insert into group like a portafilter
  4. Move brush  left and right until coffee debris is loosened.
  5. Dip into coffee solution to clean and repeat 1-2 times.
  6. Rinse the brush in cold water and purge the coffee group to remove the cleaning solution.
  7. Wipe any debris or solution with coffee cloth


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