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MHW Baro Ice Dripper 600ml

LE 3,300.00

MHW-3BOMBER Baro Ice Dripper 600ml


- The design of the ice dropping pot is inspired by the positive and negative atmospheric pressure.
- The internal water circulation principle is achieved through negative pressure.
- When inverted, the pressure at the bottom is less than the outside atmospheric pressure.Through the hole to evenly drip filter
- The logo is centered for the initial value, the water flow rate is minimum.
-Rotate in the【+】direction to increase the drip rate and the 【-】 direction to decrease the drip rate.
- 300 mesh fine filter, even distribution of filter holes that has effective filtration of residue
- 600ml large capacity and 40g of the powder bin for coffee and tea
- When making ice drip coffee, it is best to add 1:1 ice water mixture for extraction.
- Recommended powder to water ratio: 1:10-15
- The time for ice drip coffee is about 2-8 hours, after the completion of iced drip it is recommended to put it in the freezer
- Natural fermentation for 6-12 hours for better taste


Material: PCTG / SUS304 / Glass / Silicone
Weight: 535g
Capacity: 600ml
Origin: China