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MHW Nighten Coffee Cup 60ml

MHW Nighten Coffee Cup 60ml

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MHW Nighten Coffee Cup 60ml

Made specifically for coffee or tea, the MHW Nighten Glass have an inner spherical design that creates a steady surface area out of your coffee base that’s a dream to pour the coffee on. 

 Made with hand-blown borosilicate glass, it’s safe to brew directly into the Nighten Cup. It also has a double-wall design that keeps it cool and comfortable to hold even with hot coffee inside.

 These Nighten Glasses are chip-resistant, and crystal clear. They display your coffee drink, rather than hiding it behind ceramic walls.


Beautiful designs - Designed to create a steady surface area to help you pour any coffee on, from filter to espresso. 

Double-walled - The double-wall structure keeps the glass cool and your drink hot.

Heat resistant glass -  High Borosilicate Glass withstand high temperature difference. 

Capacity: 60ml 

Size: 55*40*65mm

Weight: 85g

Material: High Borosilicate Glass

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