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Knock Box - Pro

LE 850.00

Knock Box - Pro


  • - Use the knock box as a stand to press the espresso with your tamper or to dispose the used coffee pucks. Perfect as an espresso machine accessory, a practical tool for your coffee making process.
  • - Knock box is made of premium ABS material, durable, non-slip, wear-resistant. It's a great item to recycle the collected coffee grinds as a fantastic natural fertilizer for the garden.
  • - Round non-skid silicon gasket base protects your counters, shock absorbing and prevents it from shifting during use. It is not slipping or scratching your kitchen counter. The whole coffee waste bin can be easily taken apart and cleaned under water or the dishwasher, making your coffee container really user-friendly.
  • - Detachable rubber bar makes it easy to clean, plays a very good cushioning properties, and won’t dent or scratch your portal filter, also helps eliminate spills and reduce noise when using.
  • - On most espresso machines, the dump bin (diameter 4.72 inch, height 4.72 inch) fits onto the drip tray in a space-saving manner, so that it's always tidy and ready to use at all times.