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Puly Caff

Puly Caff Plus Soak kit

Puly Caff Plus Soak kit

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Puly Caff Plus Soak kit

if you bought a espresso machine then this kit will benefit you.

This soak kit contains all you need to to clean your portafilter, portafilter baskets, steam wand, shower screens, coffee grinder  and *group heads.
Puly Caff plus powder foams on contact with water,during backflushing of the group, rinses quickly and leaves behind no residue or aftertaste. When the foam is gone so is the Puly Caff.
Puly Caff imported from Italy, is the most advanced espresso machine cleaner in the world. NSF certified.

 *Use with a group head blind filter (if your machine has a solenoid.)

Puly Caff Kit cleans:

  • Puly Green Grind: Coffee grinder
  • PulyMilk: Milk jug + Steam wands 
  • Puly Caff Plus Powder: Filter baskets + Shower screens + Portafilters + Coffee group solenoids
  • Puly Caff washing basin 2L: Daily soaking the portafilter, filter basket and shower screens
  • Brush: Cleaning the coffee group gaskets and shower screens

Puly Caff Kit includes:

  1. Puly Caff washing basin 2L
  2. Puly Caff Plus Powder  10 x 3.5gram sachets
  3. PulyMilk 4x 25ml
  4. Group head cleaning brush
  5. 2x sachets Puly Green Grind


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