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Rhino Double-Spouted Glass Shot

LE 760.00

Rhino Double-Spouted Glass Shot

A No-Mess Shot Glass

A shot glass is just a shot glass, right? The Rhino Coffee Gear double-spouted shot pitcher says otherwise. Boasting a thick, all glass construction, a handle, and not one but two pouring spouts, the Rhino Coffee Gear shot pitcher is designed to improve bar workflow. The two spout design not only allows you to pour with whichever hand you desire, but it also helps eliminate that annoying dribble that runs down your shot glass after you pour into a cup or mug.


  • 2 Pouring Spouts
  • 1 Glass Handle (Between Spouts)
  • 3 Ounce Total Capacity
  • Graduated Volume Indicators (Ounces & Milliliters)
  • All Glass Construction