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Arzum OKKA Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine

Arzum OKKA Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine

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Arzum OKKA Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine

Introducing the ARZUM OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine, which ensures a perfect and consistent cup of Turkish coffee in just 80 seconds, making it quick and effortless to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee.

To save energy, The machine switches to stand-by after 30 minutes of inactivity with the slow brewing button turning red. Press any button to quit the stand-by mode and use the machine immediately. After 3 hours of inactivity, the machine will run a rinse cycle and switch off automatioccly. To use the machine again, press the on/off button.

The Arzum OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine is a remarkable blend of timeless tradition and modern convenience. With its exquisite design, advanced brewing technology, and user-friendly features, it guarantees an exceptional coffee experience that will transport you to the heart of Turkish culture with every sip. The machine features a self-cleaning function that rinses the brewing system automatically, saving you time and effort.

The Arzum OKKA Turkish Coffee Machine is built to perfection with it’s compact size and refined lines make it an exquisite addition to any kitchen or coffee corner.

This coffee machine is a perfect gift for any coffee lover.



Turkish Coffee Revolution

  • One or two cup(s) option
  • Slow Brewing feature for extra pleasure of Turkish Coffee
  • Direct-to-Cup pouring
  • 3-level cup size selection
  • Self-cleaning.
  • Freedom to use any type of Turkish ground coffee
  • Accessories: Attached water tank, Coffee measuring spoon
  • 710 Watts
  • One-year warranty or 3000 operations cycles from “New Star”, the exclusive agent of Arzum OKKA in Egypt

The Arzum OKKA is a fully automatic coffee machine equipped with three LED lights that have sensors located to the right of the machine below the self-cleaning button.

Upper LED: Water supply is empty or water feeding unit is not placed properly.

Middle LED: Brewing chamber head not fitted properly.

Lower LED : Waste water tray is full or not fitted properly.

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