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Coffee Needle Pen

LE 650.00

Coffee Needle Pen

Features :

  • Improve Extraction Efficiency:  Needle Coffee Distributor can help to expand the stirring area to make perfect extraction, using needle coffee distributor can have more fat and better quality.
  • Perfect gift for the barista: Do you upset about the splashes when using bottomless handles and pressure-less filter cups? Is it difficult to get a perfect cup of coffee? This coffee stirring and distribute tool can solve this trouble for you! it can effectively solves the problems caused by the agglomeration of coffee, and it is a great gift for owners of espresso machines!
  • Smooth Wooden Handle With Ergonomic Design solid wooden handle for a comfortable grip and provides stable handling. The smooth and smooth texture does not hurt your hands and feels comfortable.
  • 304 Food Grade stainless steel The needle coffee distributor is made of food-grade Stainless Steel, Eco-friendly and non-toxic, more sanitary and safer.
  • High-end Wooden Handle, Ergonomic Design, Wider stirring area, Not easy to slip out of the hand
  •   Professional Coffee Stirrer Tool Our coffee distributor is a brand-new reform, circular pin design, wide stirring area, uniform distribution of coffee powder, avoiding agglomeration, extracting more mellow and delicious espresso.