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Hario Tea Dripper Largo 800ml

LE 2,550.00

Hario Tea Dripper Largo 800ml

A new way to brew your favorite tea, with the press of a switch.

The Tea Dripper "Largo" is not just useful, but also decorative, brightening your kitchen or living room with the colors of your tea and herbs. The round form of the pot allows for optimal 'jumping' of tea leaves.
Feel like iced tea instead? Just put some ice inside your pitcher and enjoy your cool drink!

Enjoy the beauty and taste of your tea with the heatproof glass Tea Dripper Largo.

Preparing delicious tea with Largo is really simple and yet effective:

  • place Largo on a teapot
  • pour tea leaves into the Largo,
  • slowly pour the tea leaves over with hot water
  • cover Largo with a lid and brew for about 3 minutes (depending on the variety of tea)
  • press the brew release button and enjoy the taste of your favorite tea


Color: Black
Size: W130 × D130 × H165mm
Capacity: Practical capacity 800ml 
Weight (Incl. box): Approx. 500g
   Lid: AS resin
   Glass Bowl: Heatproof glass
   Inner Holder, Base: Silicone rubber
   Filter, Inner Holder (Stainless Steel Ball): Stainless steel
   Switch: Polypropylene

Made in Japan.