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Rocket Boxer Timer Automatic - 2 Groups

Rocket Boxer Timer Automatic - 2 Groups

Rocket RE Doppia

Available in 2 or 3 Group Heads

Fully saturated groups // Dual boiler technology

The RE Doppia combines the latest Rocket Espresso  technology with a specification and level of componentry that represents a machine brought to market with an aggressive approach to price versus specification.

This does not mean the Doppia is any less of a machine, rather with clever engineering, the Doppia clearly outperforms most machines in this class.

4.3” TFT on the front panel of the machine with software updates via USB drive, and programming through a browser using Wi-Fi module.

Pressure transducer controlled service boiler for ultimate steam pressure recovery alongside PID controlled brew boiler for optimum temperature stability, meeting the demands of the highest performing cafés.

Adjustable drip trays on 2 levels (min 8.5 - max 125).

RE Doppia technical specifications


  • Dual Boilers: Dedicated brew and service boilers help keep temperatures locked in.

  • Saturated Group Design: Boiler water circulates through the RE Doppia's group for consistency from shot to shot.

  • PID Temp Control: Set your boiler temperature to-the-degree with electronic PID controls.

  • Steam Transducer: Electronic pressure control keeps recovery quick for even the busiest rush hours.

  • Automatic Shot Programming: Flow rate sensors keep shot dosing accurate all day long.


  • Height 20.25 inches

  • Width 2 Group: 32.5 inches | 3 Group: 41.3 inches

  • Depth 23 inches

  • Watts 2 Group: 5500W | 3 Group: 6000W

  • Volts 220V

  • Product Weight (lbs.) 0.000000

  • Boiler Volume 2 Group: 4L, 9L | 3 Group: 6.3L, 12L

  • Manufacturer Rocket Espresso


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