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Syphon Halogen Beam Heater

Syphon Halogen Beam Heater

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Syphon Beam Heater

  • 1.【Safe and efficient】: using the simplest system to achieve high efficiency heating, so that the heat source is stable and only effective on the heating material, not affected by the surrounding environment, can avoid excessive extraction due to high water temperature.
  • 2.【Upgrade halogen lamp】: halogen lamp long-term design of about 6000 hours, uniform heat source, large energy, and heat source does not directly contact heating, no pollution to glass and water, prolong the service life of siphon pot.
  • 3.【Advantage】: The 400W halogen lamp can maintain a constant temperature after heating to avoid excessive extraction due to high temperature, which will cause the bitter taste of coffee and affect the taste. We also provide a spare bulb for replacement during use.
  • 4.【Five-speed adjustment】: Each gear has a temperature setting. When the automatic setting value is reached, the power supply will be automatically cut off, and when the temperature is lower than the setting value, the power supply will be automatically turned on.
  • 5.【Note】: As the glass may break when exposed to water at high temperatures, please make sure the glass is dry before connecting to the power. If you accidentally spill water, please wipe it off with a dry cloth after cooling down. If your glass is damaged in three months, we will ship you a glass free of charge, please provide your address and phone number.


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