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Timemore U French Press

LE 1,650.00


Timemore U French Press

We love using the French Press - it's a portable, cost effective and no frills way of making a tasty cup of coffee. 

When brewing with the French press, timing is key. The brew temperature will naturally drop during the brewing process, so if you are not over-steeping it, it's not going to over extract your coffee. Set up a timer with your Alexa / Google app, 3 minutes 30 seconds later, your coffee is ready to be enjoyed!

Tips: Use freshly grounded coffee with a grind size similar to coarse salt. A better grinder will result in a clearer cup. 

This 15oz/ 450ml French Press by Timemore is constructed with heat resistant borosilicate glass. Its modern look and neutral color tone can easily complement any coffee setup. Enjoy a simple brew when you feel like it! The French Press is also a fun way to taste the differences when brewing with different water temperatures! 


- Perfect for brewing coffee or tea
- Fine mesh stainless steel filter (350 micron) 
- Food grade silicone plunger seal with stainless steel shaft for a smooth operation
- 2 options on pour rate, simply choose the side you prefer!
- 300ml (10oz) and 450ml (15oz) indicators for easy reference 
- Smooth-touch matte texture sleeve insulates heat and help retain the temperature of the brew 
- Matte texture fingerprint resistant exterior